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    Silent Stranger was a band from 1982 to 1988.

    Playing gigs around our local area, we got into writing original material around 1986 to 1988, which would be near the end of our time together, so we decided to record them in a local studio.

    Regular day jobs caused the band to split after the recording session in 1988.

    I kept writing after that but didn’t have the resources to get past the demo stage of recording until 2015 when I began booking studio time to record my past demos and new songs.

    These songs are available on the debut album from Silent Stranger through CD Baby, for preview or to purchase by selecting the link below.

    The Band

     Richard Simpson - Songwriter 

    The Sound

    Silent Stranger comes from an earlier, more disciplined age of music, which explains why there are real instruments and strong production values attached to his work.

    Foundation influences compel a higher standard of composition and musicianship than is normally the case for an independent artist.

    Silent Stranger emphasizes on great songwriting, tight instrumentation, beautiful cascading harmonies.

    The songs have a timeless nature that classic/melodic rock fans will love to have in their collection.

    The music comes at you like the last thing heard before a new reality overtakes your senses, it will burn bright in your mind long after the ear is quiet once more.

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