About Silent Stranger®

The Band

Richard Simpson - Songwriter / Producer

The Sound

Silent Stranger® comes from an earlier, more disciplined age of music, which explains why there are real instruments and strong production values attached to his work.

Foundation influences compel a higher standard of composition and musicianship than is normally the case for an independent artist.

Silent Stranger® emphasizes on great songwriting, tight instrumentation and beautiful cascading harmonies.  You may sense the discernment and authority of a rock practitioner who has enough perspective on the genre to mend its modern faults by songcraft and sincerity. The songs have a timeless nature that classic/melodic rock fans will love to have in their collection.

Silent Stranger® is an excellent example of a rock artist that elegantly leverages originality and composition skills to the service of modern entertainment. The music demonstrates remarkable musical stylings that are sure to appeal to mainstream audiences.

The music comes at you like the last thing heard before a new reality overtakes your senses, it will burn bright in your mind long after the ear is quiet once more.


Silent Stranger® is an Independent rock band with origins in Gananoque, Ontario, Canada, when Richard was asked by some high school friends, to join an existing five-piece band “Lift” in 1976, as their new guitarist. However, “Lift” came to an end in 1978 following the departure of two members in 1977 and when they tried to carry on as a four-piece, some unfortunate events resulted in the end of the band. Those being, the keyboard player was injured in a car accident and shortly afterwards, the drummer and bass player (brothers) had their family home burn down and along with it, their instruments.

Later in Trenton, Ontario, Canada, Richard helped form the band “Generation” in 1982 and it underwent a name-change to “Stylus” in 1985, after a short break-up and a new drummer. Playing gigs around their local area, they also wrote original material during this time and some of these were played live at their gigs. One of the members had to move in July 1987 due to his job. Meanwhile Richard found out in Oct 1987 he would also be moving for his job in July 1988, so in the spring of 1988 they decided to record some of their original songs in a local studio, as a four-piece.  

Richard has been writing songs since learning guitar during High School in the ‘70’s, but never had the resources to get past the demo stage of recording.

In the summer of 2012 while living in Cornwall, Ontario, Canada, Richard made some music videos using the audio from his 1988 demo versions of “Make Way For the Ladies” and “Something About a Dream” and put them on YouTube under the name Silent Stranger®.

In 2014 Richard began finding different music platforms on the internet, which introduced him to many bands and artists, as well as internet-based Independent radio stations, which Richard submitted his 1988 demo versions of “Make Way For the Ladies” and “Something About a Dream” for airplay under his YouTube name Silent Stranger®. These songs began to get favourable reviews from the other bands, artists and listeners of these Independent radio stations. Richard also found that many of the bands and artists had songs that were recorded to a high standard. Knowing there were technical and musical errors in his demos and would need a complete re-recording to correct these, Richard began re-arranging and, in some cases, rewrote parts of his demos by adding new music and new lyrics in order to have his songs recorded up to the same standard. In the spring of 2015, he began booking studio time and studio musicians to get his demos and new songs recorded.

Some of these songs are included on the 10 song album from Silent Stranger®, which can be streamed on Spotify by selecting the link below.


 Canadian Artist Silent Stranger hits No.1 on iTunes 

Silent Stranger® has hit No.1 on the Canadian iTunes Rock Charts with his latest single "A Girl Like You".

By: WOA International


ST. MARYS, Ontario - May 7, 2020 - Silent Stranger®, the Canadian Musician/Producer has hit the Top 10 in Canada, coming in at No.7 on the rock charts on iTunes Canada. The independent artist has also been making huge strides across the United Kingdom and the US. Recently the artist was part of the Goa Chillout Zone Vol.9 (W.O.A International), which hit No.1 on the iTunes UK Electronic Album charts and made an official entry into the UK album charts coming in at No.36. This is unprecedented for an Independent Artist and shows how Indie musicians are reaching fans across continents and hitting major charts with considerable success,

"I am excited to see the success my new music is having in different countries," says Richard Simpson of Silent Stranger®, "I have been working closely with the team at W.O.A Entertainment and its amazing to see how my fans are rallying behind my music."

Richard Simpson has also been featured on VH1 and other major TV networks with his music video "Guitar Beneath the Tree", which was directed by MTV EMA Nominated and Billboard  Top 10 Award Winning Artist/Producer/Filmmaker Oliver Sean.  A new music video from Silent Stranger® is also in the works , which is being filmed across 3 countries and is creating quite a stir with his fans Worldwide.

Silent Stranger® was selected for the Grammy Award Ballots last year and is hoping to hit new heights with the launch of the single "A Girl Like You" which has captured the hearts and minds of his fans.  The Canadian iTunes chart success for the artist has only increased the mystery behind this Long Sault, Ontario resident. The single is available across all major stores including iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and Streaming free on Spotify and Apple Music.